Thursday, August 22, 2013

Never a dull life!

A Creeper cake for my nephews birthday for those minecraft fans out there!

My Husbands Aunt's wedding cake she couldn't have been happier with the cake!!

Two peas in a pod cake for a dear friend of min at work!

Sweet 16 only comes once so you must have your favorite thinks pink and zebra duh...

My best Friend is now a RN i fee like a proud momma!! and her boyfriend graduated college too!

Such a fun cake these two met at a paint store and have been  together 40 years!!

Bachlorette Party Need i say more!!

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cake

Quinceanera Cake!!!

And lastly some delicious cupcakes for a Bride to be!!


This post is long over due ...only due to the fact that i have been soo busy with work (i got a promotion yay!!) and have been doing alot of cakes over the past  few months. But it seems like Kids are having alot of birthdays for some silly reason!

My Nephew Turned 5 and of course like any other little boy he loves star wars and angry birds!!

Had a sweet little boy turn one who's favorite tv show is mickeys playhouse!

Had another little guy smash in to this 1-up mushroom form Mario!

Precious Maggie was blessed to have all this yummy cake for her baptism and 1st Birthday!

My Good Friend at Work s little one with Mr. Curious George since her is quite the little monkey himself!

Dr. Suese you ask a Fun  little Boy Celebrated His 1st bday the dr.'s way!!

Vincent Celebrated his 1st bday in the woods with his friends tiger and pooh!

Toby was the icing on the cake with his 4th birthday!!